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4 Facts You Should Know before Planning Your Facelift

A facelift can rejuvenate your appearance, taking years off your face without making you appear “overdone.” If you’re thinking about getting a facelift, it’s important to do your homework. Start with these four facelift facts, from how it’s done to how to avoid bad results.

1. Different Plastic Surgeons Produce Different Results

The number one cause of people looking unnatural after a facelift results from going to an underqualified plastic surgeon. A skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon will know how to use a variety of techniques and can customize your facelift procedure based on your facial structure, your skin and your beauty goals. A good facelift should leave you looking refreshed, not fake.

2. Fillers Are Temporary, Facelifts Last for Years

If you’re apprehensive about having a facelift, consider giving fillers a try first. Consult with a plastic surgeon who can talk to you about whether your concerns could be addressed by facial fillers. Just know that while the results of these treatments can be dramatic, they are temporary.

   A facelift can offer you results that last for many years.

3. There Are Different Types of Facelifts

One little known facelift fact is that there isn’t just one way to do a facelift. In fact, there are several methods a plastic surgeon might use to tighten and tone your face, and it takes both skill and experience to do a facelift properly. This is why it’s especially important to consult with a plastic surgeon who has demonstrated consistently excellent results.

4. You’ll Need to Plan for Your Recovery

In the days immediately following your facelift, you’ll probably have to take it easy. You’ll experience some pain and swelling, which should be easy to manage with medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon. Always follow your recovery instructions strictly.

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4 Facts You Should Know before Planning Your Facelift
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4 Facts You Should Know before Planning Your Facelift
Looking for some facelift facts? Washington plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rand lists four things you should know before you consider having one.
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