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After pregnancy and nursing, the breasts not only lose their rounded, feminine shape, but they also begin to sag with the nipples hanging down over the breast crease. Aging and weight loss may also contribute to a significant shift in the breast profile. While completely natural, these cosmetic changes can be distressing and can limit wardrobe choices.

Luckily, cosmetic surgery offers an excellent solution for patients looking to contour their figures post-pregnancy. While many women are eager to pursue breast augmentation with implants, there are some that desire a more natural approach using only their own tissue. An auto-augmentation breast lift can not only elevate drooping breasts but can also replenish lost volume.

What is an auto-augmentation breast lift?

For patients who wish to combat breast ptosis without sacrificing breast size and without turning to breast implants, the auto-augmentation breast lift procedure is an excellent option. The procedure uses the woman’s excess breast tissue to reshape, enhance, and refine the breast mounds, resulting in a subtle increase in volume.

Auto-augmentation breast lift surgery requires a plastic surgeon with extensive expertise in this unique procedure. An experienced surgeon will be able to assess the breast tissue during a private consultation and determine if an auto-augmentation breast lift is viable. Dr. Rand recently published an article on the topic in the World's Best Plastic Surgery Journal and is able to apply his artistry and skill to achieve the natural breast augmentation with breast lift results image-conscious clients seek.

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How is auto-augmentation breast lift surgery performed?

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia or light sleep sedation on an outpatient basis and takes roughly 2-4 hours to perform. Surgery typically begins with a lollipop incision encircling the areola and running down to the breast crease. A T-shaped, or anchor incision is also a possibility. The tissue in the lower part of the breast is prepared, as this is the material that will take the place of an implant. With its blood supply intact, the tissue is repositioned in the upper breast pole and is attached to the chest wall.

The surgeon then completes the breast lift portion of the surgery, relocating the areola complex to a more youthful, pleasing position. Excess skin is removed, and the incisions are closed with sutures.

What are the benefits?

  • Uses the patient’s own tissue to enhance the breast mounds
  • Minimizes complications and risks
  • Elevates sagging breasts while amplifying breast volume
  • Natural-looking, elegant results
  • Long-lasting outcome
  • Enhanced self-image

Who makes a good candidate for an auto-augmentation breast lift?

Auto-augmentation breast lift surgery is ideal for those women who seek only a modest increase in cup size along with a solution for sagging breasts and drooping nipples. Clients who are uneasy about undergoing breast augmentation with implants will find this treatment to be an excellent alternative.

Dr. Rand will conduct a thorough consultation to assess your goals and your available breast tissue to work with during the procedure. He will investigate your overall mental and physical health to ensure it is safe for you to undergo surgery. Be honest and detailed in answering all of Dr. Rand’s questions, as this will ensure a treatment plan that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

Why choose Dr. Rand?

Dr. Rand is an accomplished, meticulously detailed plastic surgeon serving patients in Bellevue and the greater Seattle area. Thanks to his artistry, skill, and compassion, he is regarded as among the foremost talents in the area when it comes to delivering superior breast augmentation and mastopexy results.

For over 10 years, Dr. Rand served as Chief of Plastic Surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center. He was the winner of the 2018 MyFaceMyBody National Award for the top plastic surgery practice, based on outstanding patient reviews.

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